Why Choose the Veterans Consortium to help with your case at the Court?

The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program was created in 1992 to assist veterans and their family members with appeals before the U.S.  Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (Court).  We are an independent national non-profit provider of free attorneys for these Court appeals.

Our Program at a Glance

• Free of Charge: Our legal services are completely free. Our attorneys never ask you for money for their legal services or any portion of your award/benefits.  To date, our attorneys have provided over $142 million dollars in legal services without charge and at no cost to our clients.

• Highly Skilled Attorneys: Our attorneys are recruited from the top law firms in the U.S., have taken specialized training, and are well-prepared to succeed in cases before the Court. You will always receive the best legal services, free of charge.

• Client Satisfaction: With an over 97% client satisfaction rate, you can trust that our team is providing only the best.  We will handle your case with care - large or small, simple to complex - we are working for you!

The Pro Bono Program is dedicated to providing free legal representation for veterans and their families. If you have filed your appeal of a BVA denial, we can review your case to see if we can assist. We can provide you with a free lawyer if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a veteran or qualifying family member of a veteran
  • You do not have a lawyer to help you
  • You ask us for our assistance by filling out our forms and you meet our financial eligibility guidelines
  • We can identify at least one issue in your case that can be argued before the Court

No. We take cases of any size with legal merit. If another lawyer told you your case was too small, it's possible that your claim wasn’t large enough for that lawyer to collect a sufficient ''contingency fee'' – a percentage of the benefits you might receive. We do not collect contingency fees.

No. We have lawyers with a variety of experience and will find someone who is well acquainted with complex issues.

We cannot read your case file until you give us permission. To do this, we need our forms requesting we evaluate your case, which allows us to access your file. We do not need you to send us your case file, but we will need permission to get the official copy from the VA. Our forms are available on our page here.

Our attorneys are located all around the country, and if one is provided for you, they may or may not be located near your home. If not, you will still be able to speak with them by phone or contact them by email.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions about the process at the Court and how to get started. You can reach us by email at mail@vetsprobono.org or by phone at 888-838-7727 (press option 3).