February 2020 VIP: Layi Oduyingbo, Esq.


Layi Oduyingbo, Esq.

Layi Oduyingbo, Esq.

TVC National Volunteer Corps

For Layi Oduyingbo, becoming a member of our TVC National Volunteer Corps was just what he was looking for. After graduating from Providence College, Oduyingbo began his career as an accountant, but found that he was seeking to do something more meaningful. “I was unable to advocate for those without a voice,” says Oduyingbo. “I found that purpose volunteering with TVC.”

His willingness to take cases that need immediate placement and/or have close brief deadlines and his ability to juggle several cases at one time makes him an invaluable member of our TVC National Volunteer Corps. For this reason, Olayiwola Oduyingbo, Esq. is our Volunteer Inspiring Pro Bono (VIP) for February 2020.

Now an independent personal injury lawyer, Oduyingbo has consistently taken cases that needed replacement counsel with imminent deadlines. He currently has ten TVC cases (all active) and finds the work very rewarding. “It’s interesting to learn the stories of these veterans, and to right the legal errors that have defined their lives for so long.”

Lay Oduyingbo, Esq.

Though he acknowledges stories like that of the Navy diver are difficult to hear, “the work TVC does is inspiring and motivates me, fueling a desire to continue helping. If hearing it is difficult, living it is that much worse. If I can ease that discomfort for a veteran, that is my reward.”

Oduyingbo lives in Cranston, RI with his wife, Katie, and their almost 3-year-old daughter, Tatiana. In his free time, Oduyingbo volunteers with Year Up, an organization that provides mentorship and educational resources to young adults to help them enter the work force. He is also a sports enthusiast and a member of a local soccer league.