December 2016 VIP: John Malsbary

December VIP: John Marlsbury"First Timer"

"While I’ve never served myself my Dad is a proud Marine and Vietnam veteran, so having the opportunity to participate in the Veterans Consortium Pro Bono program because of the way it allowed me to give back to such a deserving community in need, in a substantial and meaningful way, is both extremely gratifying and humbling.

"As an attorney with no previous experience in veterans law I cannot say enough good things about the program and the support the Veterans Consortium provides to guide you through the process to get justice for your client. My client was an Army veteran who developed back pain because of the braces he wore for his knees as a result of his service. The VA denied service connection for his back pain without looking at all of his records, and he’ll now have the opportunity to go back to the Board and prove the service connection of his back pain and be fully compensated for the pain he experiences daily as a result of his service to our country."