Kate Sinclair

Kate Sinclair assists the Director of Volunteer Outreach & Education with recruiting, training, case placement and other support for our TVC National Volunteer Corps. They review and process volunteer training and communications to pair pro bono attorneys with appellants and unrepresented clients, assuring that volunteer attorneys have the necessary tools to represent appellants at the CAVC.

Prior to moving to the nation’s capital, Kate earned her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from the New York Academy of Art, where she worked as the Director of Alumni Affairs and as an Admissions Officer at her alma mater upon graduation. Kate was a member of the Discharge Upgrade team at TVC before moving into her current role, where she assisted veterans in finding representation for misconduct discharges related to mental health.

A classically trained artist by trade, Kate still loves to practice her craft when away from the office. In her free time, you can find her working on commissions in her studio, hiking and painting en plein air, or teaching ceramics classes at a local art institution.