TVC Hosts Law Students for Alternative Spring Break and Spring Internships 2017

Adam with TVC Social Media Coordinator Leigh Hillebrand

Adam Grajewski, a veteran and second-year law student at Georgetown Law, meets with TVC Social Media Coordinator Leigh Hillebrand for an interview.

Samantha Farish, TVC Staff Attorney Judy Donegan and TVC Fellow Danica Gonzalves

Samantha Farish, a second-year law student at The George Washington University Law School, says goodbye to TVC Staff Attorney Judy Donegan and TVC Fellow Danica Gonzalves on the last day of her internship.


When asked how she would sum up the Alternative Spring Break experiences, Program Coordinator Samantha Stiltner replied,

"The Veterans Consortium remains committed to our partnerships with schools whether it be in veterans legal clinics, single day events, or school specific events, such as Alternative Spring Break.  We believe that law students are a very valuable yet underutilized asset within the legal community.  Alternative Spring Break is a great DC wide initiative that allows for pro bono organizations to work with the next generation of law students.  We were happy to host the students and were very impressed with the level of enthusiasm they brought as well as the quality of work they put out in only a week.  It was a great experience and we look forward to participating again next year!"

Student feedback was positive, as well.

"It was my pleasure. I learned a lot and had a good time getting to know everyone.  Thanks for everything and hopefully I'll see you around!"

"Thank you for the kind words! I had a really great time in the office last week; it was a lot of fun researching, talking with the client, and applying the research to her case. I am glad that the memo will be helpful!"

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Alternative Spring Break

Adam Grajewski & Leigh Hillebrand
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Law Students for Vets: Spring Internship

Samantha Farish
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