March 2021 VIP: Amanda R. Bedford, Esq.

Amanda R. Bedford

Amanda Reine Bedford, Esq.
Reine R. Law Practice, PLLC
TVC National Volunteer Corp

Amanda Reine Bedford grew up in Houston, Texas and, after graduating from high school, she enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Amanda wanted to serve her country and once she enlisted, she fully intended to make the Marine Corps her career.

Unfortunately, her military career was cut short and she was ultimately discharged for medical reasons in November 2001. Amanda returned to Texas and attended the University of Houston (UH) earning both a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Arts degree in psychology.

During this time, Amanda was navigating the VA system to obtain service connection. Through her experience, she realized that she wanted to help other veterans through the process by being a voice and advocate for them.

She attended the American University Washington College of Law (WCL), where her mentor, Professor Andrew Popper, a Marine Corps veteran, encouraged her to take courses in Federal Regulatory Processes, Government Liability, Administrative Law, and Veterans Affairs. Upon receiving her Law Degree, Amanda joined the team at Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) as a staff attorney and began her career representing Veterans.

“When I joined the Marine Corps, my goal was to be a career Marine, but life had different plans,” says Amanda. “I returned to school still longing for a military affiliation and feeling somehow separated from my core identity. Being a veteran’s law attorney has given me that identity back.”

During her time at VVA, Amanda volunteered with TVC, representing Veterans before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. Amanda enjoyed the Court aspect of representation and decided to start her own solo practice as a veterans benefits attorney, helping veterans receive service-connection benefits.

However, when Amanda was hired as a Board of Veterans Affairs (BVA) attorney, she had to put her solo practice on hold. At the BVA she was able to learn a great deal about how judges make judicial determinations, which has proved very useful. Amanda left the Board when her husband’s job moved them to Stuttgart, Germany. While in Germany, Amanda took up her solo practice once again.

Amanda has taken seven cases with TVC, four of which have been remanded, two are on active appeal, and one that may be appealed to the Federal Circuit. As a service-connected veteran herself, she is a strong advocate for her fellow veterans and is a valued member of our TVC National Volunteers Corps.

“We are very grateful to Amanda for her service as a U.S. Marine and for continuing to serve her country as an advocate for our Nation’s Defenders,” says Courtney Smith, Senior Director, CAVC Practice. “She is a valuable member of TVC’s National Volunteer Corps, and we are happy to recognize her as a Volunteer Inspiring Pro Bono."