Cate Jackson

Cate Jackson joined The Veterans Consortium in 2018 as our Communications & Outreach Coordinator. Her work consists of graphic design for a variety of outreach, marketing, fundraising and training needs, managing the TVC social media accounts and website, and coordinating of virtual events, receptions and other social events. She acts as the videographer and photographer for our live streamed programming and other various multimedia projects. She also builds our monthly newsletter and annual reports, as well as designs our promotional materials, and presentations.

Cate has an extensive background in videography, video editing, graphic design and web management. She previously worked as a travel videographer for a communications group focused on climate change, as well as freelance live streaming for government agencies and firms in the DC area. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Communication and a Master of Arts in Film & Video Production. As the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, Cate is thrilled at the opportunity to serve our Veteran community in a creative capacity.

To contact Cate for more information on The Veterans Consortium, email her at