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Law Students

Law students interested in veterans benefits issues should consider applying for our paid summer internship program. Click here for more information. If you are interested in other volunteer opportunities, please contact: Camille Soleil at or (202) 628-8164.

Law students interested in assisting attorneys who provide free legal assistance on behalf of veterans and their qualifying family members who have an appeal pending at the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims should consider applying for Duty Bound, a National Veterans Service Initiative of the ABA Law Student Division.  The program allows pro bono attorneys who are handling a case to select available law students to assist with client interviewing, case management, research and writing, and advocacy tasks.  For further information on how you can get involved and register, visit:

Law Clinics

A number of law school clinical programs across the country teach law students how to handle VA benefit claims and appeals.  Part of the mission of the Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program is to encourage and facilitate pro bono representation of veterans and their surviving family members through these law school clinical programs.  As explained below, we support these  programs by training clinical professors and participating law students, providing them with cases from our Program, as well as mentoring and other resources.

We are happy to work with law school clinics who are interested in taking an appeals case.  The Program requires participating clinics to have at least one supervising professor/advisor throughout a case.  In most instances we require the professor/advisor who runs the clinical program be trained by the Program and to have handled at least one veterans appeal through the Program. (The training requirement may be waived in certain cases).

The training provided by the Veterans Consortium comes through a free day-long seminar which teaches attendees about veterans law and effective representation at the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC). 

As noted, a lawyer/professor/law student who attends this training must agree to represent a veteran (or a surviving family member of a veteran) before the CAVC.  Cases can take up to a year to complete and take about 50 to 60 hours if they do not require participation in an oral argument. 

Any clinical advisor wishing to become involved in a clinical program or needing further information can contact Louis J. George, Director of Outreach & Education at or David Myers, Director of Case Evaluation & Placement at David.Myers@vetsprobono.orgIf you’d like your law clinic or program to be added to our list (below), please send a description of your clinic’s mission and contact information to

Additionally, if you are considering starting a veterans law school clinic or service program, we strongly recommend contacting a few of the many clinics already in operation: